Tour package banyuwangi 3h2m and beauty of blue fire ijen crater in East Java Indonesia

ijen crater banyuwangi tourism indonesia

blue fire ijen crater-East Java might currently be a prima donna tour in Indonesia which is also much visited by tourists both local and international. After stone and Malang, Banyuwangi also has tourism potential that is very cool to pass up. Starting from the beach to the mountains, Banyuwangi deserves to be made a priority of tourist interest. There are countless attractions in Banyuwangi. One of them is Tourism Ijen crater in Banyuwangi, East Java.

Ijen crater is a crater of Mount Ijen which have panoramic views and can be visited as a tourist attraction. Scenery offered will give you peace for tourists. Although basically, tourists need to climb with struggle, while at the Summit there will be stunning views that might not exist in the crater of another.

One of the hallmarks of the Ijen crater is a view of Blue Fire. Blue Fire itself is a blue flame of sulfur in the Ijen crater which was said there are only two in the world. BlueFire can only be seen when the days are dark, aka night. This is a unique side of Mount Ijen, where tourists who want to see the Blue Fire have to climb starting at midnight so as not to miss the scenery.

In addition, ijen crater itself has a beautiful panorama, with water in the crater similar to Craters of white colored i.e. Bandung, Ciwidey tosca with the edges of the whitecliffs. When the morning ahead, tourists can hunt a beautiful Sunrise scenery and it's a shame to miss it.

Because it is a tour of the mountain, temperatures in Banyuwangi tourism places this one is very cool. Moreover, the time of night when climbing. The temperature can be up to 2 Celsius degree movies. Therefore, visitors should remain active in climbing. During the climb, the stars and the skies will look lighter so it will certainly be able to give a new experience for tourists in attendance.

The Price Of Admission

If you want to visit Ijen crater Tour, note the following admission price to perform the preparation that actually corresponds to the budget.

*Domestic tourists: Rp 5,000 for a typical day and Rp 7,500 for a weekend
*Foreign tourists: Rp 100,000 for a typical day and Rp 150,000 for the weekend
*If travelers bring a camera or want to hold a commercial shooting event, then charged Rp 10 million

Routes to the area of the Ijen Crater

To get to Ijen crater, the trip can be done from the town of Banyuwangi with go toPaltuding. There will be no window that opens at 01.00 in the morning. The climbing is done from the Paltuding start the day after purchase tickets up to 12.00 hours during the day.

The route of ascent from Paltuding it is very easy to see because it consists only of1 line climb. From Paltuding to Ijen crater, at least it takes a hike of approximately 3hours (depending on the stamina of the body each). If you want to see the blue fire, certainly must arrive at Ijen crater before 04.00 hours and that means climbing to be done pretty quickly.

The line to get to Ijen crater is quite tiring because all paths are steeper grades and almost no lines of the derivative at all. Course for tourists unfamiliar mountain ride takes a very little extra adaptation. Therefore, before heading to Ijen is worth doing physical exercises in advance to prepare the body for easy climbing.

Facilities at the Ijen crater

⇰Food stalls around the counter of entry Ijen crater there are plenty of food stalls and eateries can also be visited for breakfast fill power before climbing. The food served is quite complete and can warm the body.

⇰Toilet – Still around the counter of entry, there is a public toliet that can be used for the purposes of urination and defecation.

⇰Location of parking – there are good vehicles parking location 2 wheel or 4 wheels large enough and could accommodate vehicles of tourists.

⇰Mask rentals – because of the Ijen crater is still active, so tourists are advised to hire a special mask to avoid the dangerous sulfur smell.

⇰Extensive hiking paths – unlike other mountains which have a narrow climbing path, Ijen crater it can be climbed with ample hiking paths and airy so it is relatively harmless. But still, need to be careful to survive sampau goals.

⇰"Taxi" local – If not strong climbing, because the path is very steep, tourists can ride"taxi", i.e. a cart that can be carried and pushed or pulled by the locals to help reach the top.

⇰See sulfur miners – Ijen crater into a livelihood for most local residents in the vicinityto mine sulphur. Tourists who come can see the activity in the morning.

⇰Sunrise view point – around Ijen crater there is a spot to see the sunrise or rising sun best.

⇰Gift shop or souvenir – gift shop or soubenir of the Ijen crater which is carved from the sulfur.

Here are some photos of my friends who've been to ijen crater banyuwangi tourism :

ijen crater banyuwangi tourism indonesia

ijen crater banyuwangi tourism indonesia

ijen crater banyuwangi tourism indonesia

ijen crater banyuwangi tourism indonesia

ijen crater banyuwangi tourism indonesia

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